I am Igor The Troll

I was created by Sebastian from Sebastian’s Pamphlets because while volunteering at Google Webmaster Help Group he always referred to me as Igor The Troll.

I was banned from GWHG because John Honeck organized a public lynching of me with his infamous Pa Rum Pum Pum Pumrally post to GWHG regulars to drum up support to have me executed.

I continued my SEO work on Matt Cutts Blog until he Nuked all my comments because I criticized the one way Google messaging to Webmasters in Google Webmaster Tools Consol  even bragging about it in his nasty post Matt’s advise on Booting a Commenter

I wondered the bowls of Google until I stumbled on randfish at SeoMoz who enlightened me about Search Engine Marketing. Continuously digging Google search index I found Dave Child’s IloveJackDaniels Blog and was Inspired by Dave Child to Register my domain nick Igor The Troll

I bumped into DaveN the UK Master SEO who tutored me on SEO culture. I befriended Vanesa Fox Nude an adamant Google Spam fighter aka Buffy..

I was scouted and befriended by Danny Sullivan an SE Journalist from Search Engine Watch so I joined Sphinn Marketing Network where Andy Beard ushered me in.

I spoke out against Public Persecution of Aaron Wall by Matt Cutts and have joined SeoBook

I provide SEO advise on Travel in Asia Forum and iGoogle advise on Google-Labs-iGoogle my public Igor The Troll BookMarks on del.icio.us my public Igor The Troll videos on Youtube

I Am Igor The Troll