5. Play battles

If you’re really in competitive games mainly on consoles, check out the MLG GameBattles for competitions in almost all games for Xbox and Playstation. They are known for their Call of Duty contests, but they also offer contests for a variety of games.

4 is a great place to find all kinds of tournaments, but especially for fighting games like Street Fighter, Marvel vs Capcom and Super Smash Bros.

3 is great because they produce fantastic content while also having a great esports shop.  I really recommend you check our their fantastic range of products on offer.

2 Second Turn.

Battlefy is my favourite because of the simplicity and organization of the site. You can also organize your own tournaments that are integrated into the platform, which I will do soon with Level_0. It’s perfect for beginners who want to compete and for professionals who want to improve their skills against other talented opponents.

1 Electronic Sport League, ESL

One of the most popular sites to find online gaming tournaments is ESL. All tournaments are free and offer prices in the pool. Any game with a competitive look can be found here and searched by region and level of competition. The level of competition is based on the ESL Open, which offers free registrations and small prizes. ESL Major, which offers possible registration conditions with more pricing possibilities. ESL Pro, a qualification-based entry with limited slots and large prizes for grabs.