Saving Private Ryan

This is the greatest war movie ever made. Unlike what the film did, Spielberg takes him to the battlefields of the Second World War. Tom Hanks gives the best of his abilities, the best of all that is revealing, and the ending is so emotional. It is a moving and exciting film, but above all it is a reminder of the terrible war. It is my favourite film because, for the rest of my life, I will always remember what these men did during the Second World War, because of the graphic and moving aspect of this film.

Batman: The Dark Knight

A film that reaches perfection in every way. The script is first class, action-packed, and the acting is excellent. Heath Ledger gives you the second best performance of all time, and you’re really afraid of the Joker. The special effects are brilliant, and the story is exciting and sends a powerful message.

12 Angry Men

The film takes place in a single space, by a dozen jurors who must decide the fate of a child accused of murder in the first place. Eleven are convicted and one is innocent. The man is Henry Fonda, who gives a show of his life and who must convince eleven judges of the innocence of the child.

The Shawshank Redemption

It is a film about a man, Timo Robbins, who was unjustly convicted for killing his wife and lover and sentenced to double life in a corrupt and safe prison in New England. There he befriends Morgan Freeman, who plays with a prisoner for life and enjoys life in prison. The picture is absolutely great and the Morgan Freeman is perfect. The ending is quite….. very perfect, and the film shows how the outside world changes and the walls of the prison are always opposite.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

In this film, Peter Jackson does a masterful job, making one of the greatest trilogies of all time. LOTR ROTK, the film that won eleven academic awards, shows how Frodo must face his quest to destroy the ring, while the forces of good try to fight the forces of evil Sauron against them with their heads. Elijah Wood offers an impressive show in which the character of Frodo develops to perfection, as described in Tolkien’s manuals. Ian McKellen gives amazing performances as Gandalfa Savior. All the actors are great. Andy Serkis, playing Gollum, went through hell to play that role, and he did it wonderfully. Battle scenes are the most epic of all movies, and the weight of Rohirrim is something every movie lover should see. An epic and impressive film.


This is a Second World War film about one of the greatest soldiers of all time. George S. Patton, played by George C. Scott. George C. Scott gave the best results ever obtained as Patton. They are magical, exciting, honest, not the hero we wanted, but the hero we needed. All his successes are erased by his sincerity and obstinacy. The film presents Patton as a sick god who believes he was incorporated into life after the old fights. The film summarizes the American experience of the Second World War in Europe. A really great movie that shows how incredible it was.

Gran Torino

It is probably the best mix of comedies, actions, emotions and messages in the film. Clint Eastwood writes, directs, records and produces stars. He was rejected by all the Oscars, but the kid won it. Clint Eastwood plays her typical old dog, hard and discreet. He is racist and hostile to almost everything he moves. One of his Asian neighbours is trying to steal his precious car in Greater Turin. Eastwood holds him with his hands and is very… very angry. But strange circumstances make him a hero to his Asian neighbours and a friend to his relatives. He helps them, allows his son to go to work and is even willing to sacrifice everything for them. A great American classic, and in some fun places.

Forest Gump

Tom Hanks will once again play an excellent role in this film, among others, he has reintroduced “Forest Gump” to the market. The story is really great, there are some very moving pieces and it’s also very fun. Forest Gump presents himself very well with IQ 77, he is American footballer, honorary medallist, national champion of ping-pong, shrimp and…..