The best game blogs offer vivid analysis and sharp criticism, while some simply serve epic laughter on your stomach. Here is the tenth that we have found in the top ten

Some parts of the press have suffered more than others from the emergence of the Internet, but gambling magazines would have been at the forefront of any death list. Monthly titles have enriched the relationship with hundreds of blogs and websites, which are able to work with smaller news and screenshots.

But the best game blogs also offer vivid analysis and sharp criticism, while some simply serve to epic laughter on your stomach. Our sister site GameSpot UK has all this and much more on their blog in London, but we couldn’t really get them involved, right? Here is the tenth of the top ten we have found (not sitting next to us).


The weight of the news itself makes it a must-have RSS feed or a favourite for anyone interested in Nintendo gaming, whether it’s Wii or DS. It absorbs stories from the Internet and collects them quickly, which is the main topic of Nintendo’s daily news.


In fact, Shacknews is one of those sites that blurs the boundary between a blog and an information site. With so many blogs following the same news, this is an enriching lecture, because you can always capture new and exclusive perspectives.

Another large format blog that hides behind the newspaper headlines and often offers articles of interest to people in the gaming industry, but also to players. This is a difficult but sovereign position. Slim design and clear writing make it a refreshing lecture.

British Resistance

You do not come here to search for 20 messages a day, but come if you are interested in Sega, Suzanne Shaw and Sony Slating at any time. It’s not that UKR is a fanboyblog: it’s so fun that I’ve never dared to drink tea again on the screen.

Touch Arcade

As you know, iPhone games, if you recently saw Apple Jabs in Nintento and Sony, are huge. Touch Arcade is one of the blogs created for this growing market, offering novelties, practical ideas and a forum full of creators who talk about their latest games.

Guardian Games blog is suitable for large format blogs and avoids the hurry of press releases and screenshots in favour of a more moderate approach with analyses, interviews and opinions. Always legible and often provocative.


There are hundreds of blogs that play game news, none of which are on the list. Destructoid is one of the game blogs with a specific character: sharp, shimmering and never consciously boring.


It is by far the most dynamic of all British blogs on the list, following the recent win of three gongs at the Media Awards Games. They also deserve it: writing is excellent and with a bit of humour it hides all the important news.


Joystiq is one of the two heavyweights of the gambling blog world (the second is below), offering dozens of articles a day that look for news at a glance and exclusive information where possible. An important source of information for all those interested in gambling.


In fact, it is difficult to choose between Kotaku and Joystiq – many of their articles address the same topics because of the strong competition between them. However, Kotak surrounds him with humour, with which his authors express their characters without pampering him.